Inspiring the Reader

You want to inspire a reader to read your book and tell everyone else about it. But that’s not the only way you want to inspire the reader.

You want to inspire the reader to think: think about what you’ve written what your characters have endured and possibly how it could affect their lives.

You do this by having characters who change their own lives.

For instance, if your character begins as a struggling musician and ends up winning a Grammy, facing and overcoming every challenge in between, your reader may be inspired to follow her or his own creative career.

Barbara Neely is the lead character in my Sword of Tilk Trilogy. In Book One: Worlds Apart, she struggles to take care of herself, her daughter and her foster grandmother; she doesn’t even have the confidence to stand up to her boss. By Book Three: At Sword’s End she is quite comfortable being one of the Queens of the Tilk Realm. And it was quite the journey she made to reach that point.

You inspire the reader by showing her or him what is possible. Providing them with the steps a character takes to reach her or his destination may very well give the reader ideas about how to reach her or his own destinations.

Not everything you write is going to inspire everyone. But if you inspire even only ONE person, you are doing what you are meant to do.


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