Writing Tip Number 4

Waiting to see the doctor, dentist or any other appointment, waiting for a train or a bus, waiting on hold: all these are excellent opportunities to get some writing done. Everyone knows that, even when you show up early for an appointment, chances are you are going to be waiting for at least a good fifteen or twenty minutes or even longer. Use that time to work on your writing project. Whether it is three minutes or thirty minutes, use it to your advantage.

What can I write in three minutes, you may ask? I wrote a complete dialogue between two people by writing one or two lines during the 45 seconds it took the MARTA train to pull into the Five Points station; each day for a week I wrote one or two lines during that 45 seconds. Yes, it needed a little work afterwards, but I got the basics down. It can be done.

By focusing on your writing for even three minutes, you may amaze yourself.


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