Glimpse into a Writer’s Mind

Do you visualize what your characters do as you write about them? Do you change how they act as you are writing?


On the lighter side of writing, The Playwright, a sketch performed on The Carol Burnett Show, exemplifies what it looks like when a writer writes. It is a hilarious glimpse into the mind of the writer.


As Harvey Korman writes in the background, Carol and the gang act out exactly what Harvey writes. They acclimate themselves to several plot changes and pre-act on actions when Harvey hesitates. In less than six minutes, the viewer sees what the writer and the writer’s characters go through during a writing session.

It is a wonderful display of the writing process. It is a comedic look at how the imagination and creativity that goes into writing a particular scene and how the characters may feel about that.


Characters have feelings? Of course they do. As the writer, it is your job to incorporate those feelings into them so that your reader may feel something as well.


Characters also have a way of doing their own thing. Which is not bad. It can sometimes lead you in new directions or give you new ideas about the story you’re writing.


But the next time you’re working on a writing project, picture in your mind how your characters are acting out what you write. It might make you a smile.


Oh, and if you must take aspirin during the writing process, do give the characters a heads-up.


Watch The Playwright on YouTube:


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