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Where Will You Be (When the Lights go out for Good)?

You’ve probably seen it in action. It was in the movies, The Matrix and Ocean’s Eleven. And because it was in those movies, you may have thought it was science fiction. It isn’t.

Both movies utilized something called an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP); one to offset the attack of machines, solar-flare-67532_640the other to wipe out electricity in Las Vegas. It has also been a major theme in several other movies as well as television shows.

An EMP is a surge of electromagnetic energy capable of rendering other electronics useless. A powerful EMP can destroy electronics indefinitely.

Google It

Do a Google search on the term and you will receive over 1 million results, including an article in the Wall Street Journal in August of 2014.

It is a growing threat, both from solar flares and potential terrorist attacks. There have been six recorded solar flare events since 1972 which produced Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) strong enough to disrupt electronics. There have probably been other events which went unrecorded in that time frame.

Some pooh-pooh the idea that we will ever encounter an EMP event, whether nature-made or manmade. But did we ever think the United States would be attacked on its own soil, as in the events of September 11, 2001?

Where Will You Be?

If you are in your home should an EMP event occur, consider yourself fortunate. You are sheltered and you have some food and water.

If you are in your car on the Interstate, life will be difficult. Your car won’t run if it’s 1980 or older due to all the electronics under the hood. Walking will be your only option. Don’t count on assistance from emergency personnel; your cell phone won’t work. Even if it did, transportation for emergency personnel won’t work, nor will any hospital be functioning.

If you’re at work, the story is similar. Elevators won’t work, nor will electronically closed and locked doors. You may be stuck there.

If you have loved ones in a monitored care facility such as hospice or nursing homes, those facilities will break down quickly. Staff at those locations will be desperate to get home to their families, leaving an overworked, tired and hungry skeleton staff to care for those who survive. GPS monitors will not work; any patients in those facilities may wander off and become lost.

There will be no functioning news reports via television, radio or the Internet.

It is a grim depiction of what life would be like with no electricity. It is frightening and a very real possibility.

Though I hope it will never occur, all that science fiction is catching up with us. Best to brace for it than be caught unaware.

Wall Street Journal article: http://on.wsj.com/1yumR5f

Pen is a self-published author with numerous titles. Her latest endeavor, Nero’s Fiddle, is a fictitious account of an EMP attack on the United States. It can be found here:

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